Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid



The Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid

The Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid is created with the “intention to alchemize your energetic environment and open the pathways to transformation.”

The crystal makeup of this pyramid is intended to help in conscious transformation through spiritual practices.



Keywords: Mental Clarity, Psychic, Guides, Angels

Selenite is a stone of mental clarity. This clarity enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision-making ability. 

Selenite can be helpful in everyday life bringing full mental clarity into play in circumstances of confusion and mental disorientation.

Selenite is also a stone of truth and honesty. This promotes good business practices as well as honesty in other types of relationships.

Selenite is primarily associated with the crown and third eye chakras and in a lesser extent to the sacral chakra.



Keywords:  Psychic, Sobriety

Amethyst is a form of quartz that helps to induce a meditative and calming state working on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to promote calm, balance and peace. Amethyst is a crystal that can help to bring focus and patience into play due to its calming effect.

The calming and balancing effect of Amethyst is beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues, which can lead to prosperity and abundance, but it is not the most used prosperity stone or crystal specifically for prosperity issues.

In terms of metaphysical properties, amethyst is an excellent all-purpose stone that can help to awaken a deeper spirituality enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. Amethyst can be used as a tool to establish a clear connection between the earth reality and other planes and worlds and from this Amethyst is excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. Traditional mediums have amethyst around to help open channels for telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with entities (the deceased, angels and guides). Amethyst can help to protect a space against psychic attack by raising the vibrational level in a space, especially during spiritual work.

Amethyst has not only been considered a  stone for spiritual protection, but it was also believed to offer protection to travelers.

On an emotional level amethyst is used to help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also believed to help bring emotional stability and inner strength during times of change.

Amethyst was considered as a sobriety stone in ancient times having been believed to prevent drunkenness. The balancing and calming effects that Amethyst has helps the intentional process of changing addictive and compulsively destructive behaviors in a personal space or has for the wearer.

As a variety of quartz, amethyst has the energies inherent in quartz, as well as its own unique vibration.

Amethyst is associated with the third eye and crown chakras primarily, but can also open the heart chakra. 

This information Quoted with thanks Crystal Meanings and More.



Keywords: Transformation, Love

“Malachite is a stone of transformation. The transformation that Malachite can bring can be demonstrated on this plane as beginning to perfect balancing pure love, one’s own well-being, protection of ourselves and loved ones and our greater spiritual evolution. Malachite can seem to bring positive transformation as specific events many times. Malachite also assists in making transformational changes with a gentleness of the heart, easing the transition from one state to the other. 

Malachite is a stone of good fortune bringing prosperity/abundance. Prosperity coming about is a facet of transforming a  physical or mental state of lack into abundance. Malachite can also be helpful in bringing productive and lucrative work or career improvements. Malachite can be a power stone in helping to bring great self-confidence and success. Malachite counterbalances a sense of victimization enabling self-confidence to come to the surface.

Malachite is a protective stone. Malachite can help protect against evil and is a protective stone for children. Malachite is also an excellent protection stone during flying and travel.

As a stone of transformation, malachite helps with spiritual development. Intentional use of Malachite in spiritual practices such as Meditation can help to bring about powerful spiritual growth which can release energy blocks, and mental and emotional patterns being untangled with the lessons of spiritual growth. 

As a part of spiritual growth, malachite can ease the transformation of life through the dying process, helping to ease fear.

Malachite is an excellent aid to concentration and thinking, making it beneficial for students and professionals to keep in their workspaces. Malachite can enhance the ability to multitask by helping concentrate on each task serially without loss of information with the others or confusion.

Malachite can counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies and help encourage true and higher love.  

Malachite is generally good for enhancing emotional stability and balance and can bring inner peace and hope. 

Malachite can help balance the chakra energy system as Malachite is a stone that bridges the energy of the heart and root chakras. Malachite is particularly useful for balancing the heart chakra.”

Malachite’s primary energy is generally associated with the heart chakra.

With thanks from Crystal Meanings and More.



Keywords: Healing, Protection

Shungite has properties of electrical conduction. This is said to be the reason for one the most notable uses of Shungite: shielding and protection from EMF electromagnetic radiation from things like TVs, computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other electrical items.

Shungite has been used traditionally for purification. This often takes the form of creating an elixir or purifying water for drinking or bathing the skin to bring about healing and energy. Springs near the source of Shungite have been used at least as far back as Czar Peter the Great for their healing properties.

Shungite is an excellent stone for mystical work. Shungite is used for increasing the energy level in the auric energy field countering weak areas in the life energy field that could be exploited on subtle levels. This brings not only physical protection but also psychic protection.

Shungite is said to calm and relax anyone using it or near it to its powerful protective energies and rejection of negative energy.

Shungite is related to the root or base chakra.


In spiritually energetic terms iron is about strength, power, and will:

Iron FE

“Physical Iron promotes the absorption of iron through the intestine, the formation of hemoglobin and red blood corpuscles, ensuring transportation of oxygen to the cells of the muscles and organs, good energy transfer and physical vitality. It helps in case of weakness, tiredness, and exhaustion. The function of the liver, spleen, intestine and bone marrow are stimulated by Iron. It fortifies the immune system.

Psychological/Emotional Iron has a stimulating, activating effect, encourages activity, initiative, dynamism, endurance, willpower, ability to assert ourselves, and the ability to be enthusiastic about something. Iron promotes the Warrior side of us, the urge to research, discover and conquer. It also promotes an upright attitude and honesty.

Spiritual Iron promotes inner calm and makes us unchallengeable. It will purify consciousness of painful and unpleasant contents, gives alertness and deepens meditations. Iron also stimulates the mental processing of perceptions and experiences, thereby helping complete unfinished cycles.”

Quote with thanks from  Orgone Vibes

“One of the most abundant elements in the universe, Iron is dominated by the planet Mars.  Iron symbolizes the male energy and is connected to physical power, aggression, growth, dependence, and protection. It promotes emotions such as lust, confidence, courage, strength, stamina, and resilience. It is considered to be the most ‘human’ metal and so, is distrusted by the ethereal entities and spirits.”  

Quote with thanks from

Iron usually symbolizes power. In a dream, it can signify the part of ourselves that is capable of discipline – an iron will. However, before being tempered by fire (life’s challenges) and made into hard steel, iron requires protecting against corrosion. It is this quality of the development of protection against spiritual ‘corrosion’(eating away) that needs to be dealt with so we can progress.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
When we dream of using a clothes iron we are attempting to make ourselves more presentable to the outside world. We may also be trying to ‘smooth things over’.

When the metal iron appears in dreams, it usually represents our strengths and determination.

Quote with thanks from


Copper CU


Copper is ruled by the planet Venus. It is one of the oldest metals and copper metallurgy has flourished in different cultures through time, including the Middle Eastern, Asian, European, Central & South American and Native American cultures. Copper embodies the nurturing aspect of women and their youthfulness. It is associated with the matters of love & lust and symbolizes characteristics like charisma, feminine beauty, artistic creativity, affection, caring, and balance. It is also considered a healing metal that teaches about living a fulfilling life.”

Quote with thanks from

Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility. In legend, copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates a mental agility, and quick wit. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy with heat, electricity and the more subtle mystical energies emanating from higher planes of reality.

With thanks to Crystal Meanings and More



Keywords: Truth, communication, harmony

Amazonite’s energy is that of personal truth, allowing us to express our heart’s truth through communication. It opens and clears the throat chakra helping those who tend to repress expressing their own thoughts and feelings due to fear of confrontation or conflict. This stone also assists in identifying how our own words have created our current reality. Amazonite helps in changing vocabulary or communication styles to reflect a higher, more aligned awareness. Amazonite can help those who are unclear about what they have to offer the world by gently raising self-awareness of their gifts and unique knowledge.

Amazonite has been used as jewelry by Mesopotamian cultures and in India, Egypt, Sudan, Central and South America since ancient times. It varies in shades of green from bright verdigris to pale turquoise. Its name is derived from the Amazon River in Brazil. It has been traditionally used to build harmonious relationships because it effectively helps to curb any tendency for expression using sarcastic and critical words.

Amazonite is related to both the throat and heart chakras.

Information with thanks: Feel Crystals and Jewelry

Peacock Ore


Keywords: Psychic Perception, Power

Peacock Ore is also known as Chalcopyrite, Peacock Rock.

Peacock Ore is a versatile stone for crystal healing and energy work. It enhances inner knowing, strengthens perception and helps you trust what you see psychically. Peacock Ore is also a protective stone.  Peacock Ore is also good for Tai Chi, acupressure, acupuncture and other healing practices that involve moving Chi in the body to 

Peacock Ore is good for Tai Chi, acupressure, acupuncture and other healing practices that involve moving Chi in the body. Peacock Ore can help move energy blockages in chakra system of the body and to enhance the energy flow.

Peacock Ore is associated with the crown chakra.

With thanks from Crystal Meanings and More



Keywords: Transformation, Balance, Protection, Willpower

Labradorite (also called Spectrolite) is a considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation and magic.

Labradorite can help to clear, balance and protect the auric field. Labradorite is an excellent stone for general protection.

Labradorite can help provide clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as attract success. Labradorite is used in metaphysics for dream recall and helping to interpret the symbology dreams.

Metaphysically, Labradorite can reduce energies of stress and anxiety as it counters these energies by helping to raise self-confidence. Labradorite is believed to increase intuition and psychic abilities. Labradorite can help to gain access to esoteric wisdom in meditation which can help with subconscious issues.”

Labradorite is associated with the solar plexus and third eye chakras.

With thanks from Crystal Meanings and More.



Keywords: Creativity, Protection, Tranquility, Inner bridges, psychic ability, past-life recall, telepathy, empathy

Kyanite is a stone of channeling, altered states, vivid dreams, dream recall, and visualizations. It gives protection during these states. Kyanite helps to induce loyalty, honesty, and tranquility, effectively diminishing anger and confusion. Kyanite does not retain negative energy and never needs energetic cleansing. Kyanite can help to align and balance all the chakras while removing energy blockages.

Kyanite is an aluminium silicate mineral with a hardness of 4.5 along its crystal axes and 6 to 7 across its axes. It forms elongated, blade-like crystals. Kyanite occurs in Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Burma, Kenya, Mexico and the USA

Kyanite is primarily associated with the sacral, third eye and heart chakras.

This information Quoted with thanks from: Feel Crystal and Jewelry.



Keywords:  Guides, Angels, Balance, Protection

Petalite is also known as Petaline and ‘Stone of the Angels’.

Petalite is said to encourage and promote connections to angels, spirit guides, and totem spirits. It is believed to help spiritual practices which involve lifting to a higher awareness to allow access to higher dimensions and as a useful aid in working to achieve out-of-body states. Shamans have favored this stone for protection during ceremonies involving moving into other states using ceremonial practices or traditional psychoactive plants.

Petalite can ground and protect when leaving the body in meditative practices designed for that purpose such as the use of ‘Hemi-Sync’  recordings.

Petalite is also believed to dissipate and break the hold of negative energy that is a result of actively directed evil such as that of black magic.

Petalite is a stone that balances yin/yang opposites bringing feelings of peace and calm to the mind, body, and spirit. Petalite enhances intuitions, psychic abilities, and sensitivity to subtle energies.

Petalite is related to the throat and crown chakras.

With thanks from Crystal Meanings and More.


Alchemy can be defined as:

  • The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.
  • A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Alchemy is a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition practiced throughout Europe, Egypt, and Asia. It aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects. Common aims were chrysopoeia, the transmutation of “base metals” (e.g., lead) into “noble” ones (particularly gold); the creation of an elixir of immortality; the creation of panaceas able to cure any disease; and the development of an alkahest, a universal solvent.  The perfection of the human body and soul was thought to permit or result from the alchemical magnum opus and, in the Hellenistic and western tradition, the achievement of gnosis (knowledge of the divine nature). In Europe, the creation of a philosopher’s stone was variously connected with all of these projects. (Wikipedia)

In spiritual energetic terms, alchemy can be viewed as the process of transformation energy or energy levels through known practices (such as meditation), ingestion of special medicines (such as  spiritual experience  inducing  ancient shaman plant medicines, an example being Ayahuasca or Ibogaine) or the use of special object tools (such as orgonite, crystals or incense).  Powerful and rapid, transformative and positive life-changing effects can be created using a combination of all these things.

The Artisan’s Information About the Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid

A Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Pyramid created with the intention to alchemize your energetic environment and open the pathways to transformation.

A selenite wand floats over a crystal grid of amethyst on a bed of malachite, shungite and iron at the top of this orgone generator orgonite pyramid. In between two dense layers of copper is amazonite, peacock ore and labradorite. The base is a blend of shungite, iron, kyanite, petalite and selenite.

As the metals conduct the flow of energy throughout the Violet Flame Orgonite Pyramid, the crystals direct healing orgone to activate your inner Alchemist!

Use the Violet Flame Orgonite Pyramid as a focal point in your meditation practice to activate the Alchemy of the Violet Flame. Keep by or under your bed for healing in your sleep, or ask to connect with your Guides in the dreamtime. Alternatively, place this orgone pyramid is a thoughtful area of your home to balance EMFs and support harmony. Ultimately, I suggest you follow your intuition for guidance on how to use this orgone pyramid to support transformation in your life.

This orgonite pyramid is intended for conscious work on all realms.

please note Every Violet Flame Orgone creation is handmade and therefore one of a kind. The images above accurately portray the size, aesthetics and energy of the pyramid; however, you will receive a unique creation intended for you.

All Violet Flame Orgone generators are hand made and polished to a smooth finish in my little Sanctuary in the healing Ojai Valley. Created to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants, and intended for the Highest Good of all who work with this healing art form. Based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the work of Don and Carol Croft, every Violet Flame Orgone creation is made with polyester resin, metals of varying kind and density, and quartz crystals. The layering of these elements creates a matrix, which effectively cleanses our energetic environment, and is the science and activating force in this healing art form. I use polyester resin because part of its molecular structure includes a chain of carbon atoms – making it an “organic” compound, which attracts energy. Also, polyester resin has a high rate of shrinkability when curing, which creates extra force on the surface of the quartz. This pressure magnifies the already present electrical charge on the surface of the quartz, amplifying the holistic healing properties of this abundant mineral. As my work progresses, my heart, mind, and Spirit open more and more to the energies of crystals. Their powerful healing messages aligned for conscious access to the heart center. I Reiki Charge and attune each orgonite generator at the completion of pouring and once more before shipment.


The Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid measures: 2.25″ (57 mm) square at the base x 2″ (51 mm) in height.

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