Violet and 24k Gold Flake Giza Orgone Pyramid



The Violet and 24k Gold Flake Giza Orgone Pyramid

The Alchemist’s Chamber Violet and 24k Gold Flake Giza Orgone Pyramid is a high energy pyramid that can bring balance, happiness, inner peace and open spiritual awareness. The addition of 5 Herkimer diamonds amplifies the energy efficiency of this orgone pyramid. Linked with the high conductivity of copper and the noble energy of gold, the Violet and 24k Gold Flake Giza Orgone Pyramid when used in meditation will have a powerful effect in helping you to open, balance and increase your spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Qualities Of  The Color Violet:

Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra and Violet is the color of Spirituality. The related organ to this chakra is the brain and the pineal gland. Violet It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.

Violet relates to self knowledge/ spiritual awareness, the union of your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher awareness.

Herkimer Diamond:


Keywords: Attunement, Life Force, Spirit

“Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals. Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently. They are harder than all other quartz giving they seem to have greater power than other quartz crystals.

Never large, these are the mini dynamos of the crystal world. What they lack in physical size, they more than compensate for in spirit energy.

Herkimer diamonds are also unusually transparent and they are perfect conduits of the universal life force.”

This information  with thanks from Crystal Vaults

“Herkimer Diamond Quartz is called the “stone of attunement”. While it is not actually diamond, it is a quartz that often has the appearance of sparkling clarity that diamonds have. Herkimer Diamond can be metaphysically programmed to attune to an environment, a situation, a quality, or most anything.

Herkimer Diamond is said to assist with balance on the mental, emotional and physical levels. Herkimer Diamond can be used effectively to clear and open any chakra.

Herkimer Diamond can bring peace of mind through clarity and balance. Metaphysically, Herkimer Diamond is useful for auric cleansing and dream recall. Herkimer Diamond is believed to be helpful in healing addictions and changing toxic thinking.” 

Herkimer Diamond is associated with the crown chakra.

This information with thanks from Crystal Meanings and More


Copper CU


Copper is ruled by the planet Venus. It is one of the oldest metals and copper metallurgy has flourished in different cultures through time, including the Middle Eastern, Asian, European, Central & South American and Native American cultures. Copper embodies the nurturing aspect of women and their youthfulness. It is associated with the matters of love & lust and symbolizes characteristics like charisma, feminine beauty, artistic creativity, affection, caring, and balance. It is also considered a healing metal that teaches about living a fulfilling life.”

Quote with thanks from

Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility. In legend, copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates a mental agility, and quick wit. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy with heat, electricity and the more subtle mystical energies emanating from higher planes of reality.

With thanks from  Crystal Meanings and More


Gold AU


Gold promotes the distribution of energy and vitality in the body. It is ‘warming’ and promotes a well functioning circulation. Gold helps with problems and diseases of the sexual organs, supports the functioning of glands, assists healing damage to bones and tissues. Regulates conduction of impulses in the nervous system.

Emotionally Gold is believed to help to ease depression, reduce the fear of death, and an inclination to commit suicide. Gold boosts self -confidence and helps to release self-destructive behavior.

Spiritually Gold help to bring forth aspects of our innermost beingness, our essence and this helps to give a deeper meaning to life. Gold is symbolic of generosity.

This information Quoted for gold with thanks from Orgone Vibes

The celestial body represented by Gold is the Sun. Gold was highly valued by the ancient Egyptians, Irish, Romans, Asians, Africans, and Central Americans. It was believed to represent perfection and purity. Gold was often used as offerings for the gods, for ceremonial purposes and for the beautification of the court and important public buildings. Most of the cultures across the world have seen this metal as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, authority, and charisma. Gold was believed to aid in healing, protection, growth, and knowledge being a metal with a direct link to the divine.”

This information Quoted for gold with thanks from

Gold can balance energy fields, and is beneficial for opening and balancing the third eye and crown chakras. Gold can also help in balancing the heart chakra. Gold can help to protect against negative energy and can enhance the positive energies from the stones it is with. Gold has been used to bring wealth, happiness,  and good feelings. Gold is a mineral of spirituality, understanding, and attunement to nature. Gold attracts positive energy.

Information Quoted for gold with thanks from Crystal Meanings and More

Special production information from Alchemist Chamber:

“Each Pyramid has 5 Herkimer Diamonds, 1 Lost Cubit Spiral, 1 Lost Cubit Coil, and 24k Gold Flake. We embed a dome inside the Geometry of the Giza Pyramid for added energetic benefits, creating a device within a device.”

“The Lost Cubit Measurement The Lost Cubit was discovered in April of 2000 by German astrophysicist Hans Becker and has, in the last ten years, been extensively researched by the well known metaphysical researcher Slim Spurling. The Lost Cubit is a previously unknown cubit length which fills a harmonic gap between the Sacred and Royal cubit lengths of Ancient Egypt. Research and calculations made by Becker indicate that the Lost Cubit may well have been deliberately omitted from ancient records due to its important and powerful esoteric significance. The secrets of The Lost Cubit was always strongly guarded by the priesthood of Egypt and was reserved exclusively for high initiates and Pharaoh himself. This is why there are no records of the Lost cubit to be found in orthodox historical records. The Lost Cubit is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the Earth divided by the speed of light. The Lost Cubit, therefore, relates to cosmic harmonics in a special way. Due to its dual ability to resonate with cosmic energy frequencies and earth energy frequencies, The Lost Cubit is the secret key to extraordinary health and extreme longevity. The Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 megahertz which corresponds to the frequency of DNA, thereby facilitating DNA repair and the capability of consciously controlled DNA activation and ascension. It is becoming more widely accepted by scientists that DNA acts as an antenna for light energy, and therefore the harmonic frequencies of light and The Lost Cubit, in particular, are vitally important aspects of the equation.”


The Alchemist’s Chamber Violet and 24k Gold Flake Giza Orgone Pyramid is large in size and measures: 4.5″ (114mm) square at the base x 4″ (101mm) tall.

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