Copper Vortex Orgone Pyramid


    The Copper Vortex Orgone Pyramid The is a very highly energized orgone pyramid with a copper spiral energy vortex creator at the apex of the pyramid. The creators of this pyramid have stated that: “It directs the orgone energy 360 degrees in geometrically symmetrical patterns.” The pyramid is…

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Crown Chakra Orgone Pyramid

Crown Chakra Crystal Orgone Pyramid The has been created to aid in activating the Crown Chakra. Use this orgone pyramid for deep meditation while exploring other realities. You can use this pyramid if  you are engaged in practicing out of body exploration techniques and to stay connected to a purer divine…

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Chakra Crystal Orgone Pyramid

    The Chakra Crystal Orgone Pyramid This is an Orgone energy pyramid created to channel orgone energy through stones and crystals in line with energy moving through our body chakra energy system. It has crystals and stones layers ordered according to the chakra centers of the body where each stone is believed to open and enhance…

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