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Affiliate Disclosure:

I am grateful to be of service in bringing you content free of charge about Orgone energy and Orgone Energy Pyramids. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission.

You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. In fact, I some cases I may be able to negotiate a lower price level (or bonuses for you) that may not be available elsewhere.

Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to keep this site going with a view to it’s costs and my time while offering free information as well as keeping  prices as low as possible for custom, handmade made products made by suppliers featured on this site.

This site also enables more people worldwide to know about this topic, the information featured on this site and the work and theories of Dr Wilhelm Reich.

Opinions and Information Disclosure:

The information on this site has been gathered from various authors and expert sources on this topic. Full credit is given to authors  and information sites which have been used or quoted in writing articles on this site that may be helpful to visitors. I refer you to the links to their websites at the end of the articles.

Where historical facts are stated they are facts quoted from the referenced source and it is advised to click on the link at the end of the article for more detail if further is desired. Where theory and opinion is stated it is done so as theory and opinion of the various authors and not stated as categoric fact.  It is left to the reader to form his or her own conclusion, opinions and beliefs from the information supplied.

If I as the author of any article or supplier of information from other sources on this site quote or say something in such away that it is taken by me stating as scientific fact  the effect of any product available from the site which should not be stated according to standard scientific opinion and method, then I apologize in advance as this is not my intention. I have sort to be careful about this.

I am aware that the theories of Willhelm Riech concerning Orgone energy are still seen as theories by mainstream science but this can also be said of the ‘scientific opinion’ behind other studies of energy in organisms such as the flow of Chi that is regarded in traditional Chinese acupuncture medicine as the critical root of the theory and practice of acupuncture in China.

I have also been careful to  not use my own opinion and beliefs to categorically confirm claims or benefits but I would, as previously stated prefer the readers to form their own opinions about  from the information provided that has been gathered from the various relevant best sources I can locate on the topic.

I also have a responsibility to state that the Institute for Orgonomic Science,  The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and other organizations involved in officially or unofficially studying or promoting the many theories and methods in Wilhelm Reich’s  work  may or may not agree with the opinions on the effectiveness of the Orgone energy pyramid devices shown on this website.  I attach the links to the two main official web pages for Wilhelm Reich as follows:

I do not claim that the Orgone Energy Pyramids and other Orgone energy devices will do anything for anybody and repeat my statement that it is up to the reader to form his or her own opinions and gather his or her own experience from use.  I do state that there are many testimonials and opinions on the internet and from other internet sites about the healing and energy properties claimed for these devices.

I do not offer or endorse any medical or technical advice on healing and energy concepts or claims that may be discussed on this site or as may appear on other sites including the official sites for Wilhelm Reich and his work. I would always urge someone with medical issues seeking a professional medical opinion for any problems a person may have that is interested in this site or the use of Orgone Energy Pyramids to alleviate or improve a problem they may have.

I welcome any feedback and testimonials from people with their experiences using Orgone Energy Pyramids and I will provide these as they occur as confirmation from third parties of their personal experience and claimed benefits of Ogone Energy Pyramids rather than supplying my own opinion as the author of this site and an affiliate for the supplier of products that may be featured.

Wishing you heath and happiness,

Eric Bray, Best Orgone Pyramids     Eric Bray, Best Orgone Pyramids

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