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Here  you can learn what Orgone energy is. YouBest Orgone Pyramids amethyst pyramid can also learn how Orgone Energy Pyramids can benefit your life and well-being, as tools that can assist to lift your consciousness and in so doing help to lift the global consciousness of humanity that can help divert the world from disaster at this incredibly fragile time in human affairs (see article on Dr David R. Hawkins).

This site will give you information about Orgone energy,  what  Orgonite (registered trademark of Karl Hans Welz) is,  acrylic crystal Orgone energy amplifying/accumulator tools, how you can make Orgone energy pyramids yourself  and examples of  beautiful Orgone Energy Pyramids created to increase positive Orgone energy and with different healing aspects for meditation.

Wishing you harmony, health and happiness!

Eric Bray, Best Orgone Pyramids  Eric Bray, Best Orgone Pyramids

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