Mākue Spiral Orgone Dome for Gardens


    Mākue Spiral Orgone Dome for Gardens The is a large and powerful dome orgone created with your garden environment and plant health in mind. Filled with high vibrational crystals this special orgone energy dome for gardens will produce a powerful energy that plants and gardens will thrive on.…

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Ground and Protect Orgonite Pyramid


    Ground and Protect Shungite Orgonite Pyramid The is a powerful orgone pyramid crafted with Black Kyanite, Shungite,  layers of bronze, brass, copper, iron and cast iron. In the middle are pieces of Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz, Selenite and Epidote. In the center of the pyramid are pieces of…

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Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid


    The Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid The is created with the “intention to alchemize your energetic environment and open the pathways to transformation.” The crystal makeup of this pyramid is intended to help in conscious transformation through spiritual practices. Selenite:   Keywords: Mental Clarity, Psychic, Guides, Angels Selenite…

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Best Orgone Pyramids – Violet Flame Energy Balance Crystal Pyramid


    Violet Flame Energy Balance Crystal Orgone Pyramid The is an energy balancing tool that is intended to “transmute” energies to balanced and positive energy. This is a tool intended for an immediate area and to assist in practical work such as meditation practice. This beautiful pyramid is created…

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