Mākue Spiral Orgone Dome for Gardens


    Mākue Spiral Orgone Dome for Gardens The is a large and powerful dome orgone created with your garden environment and plant health in mind. Filled with high vibrational crystals this special orgone energy dome for gardens will produce a powerful energy that plants and gardens will thrive on.…

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Peace and Calm Orgone Pyramid – Healing Orgonite


    ArboreaCrystals Peace and Calm Orgone Pyramid Healing Orgonite The ArboreaCrystals is a Reiki infused orgonite pyramid created to heal and open the root chakra.  This orgone pyramid has been designed with the intent to clear stagnant energy and align the chakras. A Fire Agate floats at the top of…

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Moon Energy Orgone Pyramid – Healing, Relaxing, Calming Orgonite


he     The ArboreaCrystals Moon Energy Orgone Pyramid -Healing, Relaxing, Calming Orgonite The ArboreaCrystals energy, is infused with Reiki and its design is intended to calm, heal and balance the chakra system. Quartz at the top of the pyramid focuses positive energy to heal and balance all the chakras.…

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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Orgonite Pyramid


pen   The Third Eye Chakra Crystal Orgonite Pyramid The can help to make the Third Eye Chakra open and active. The chakra crystals within this orgonite pyramid can aid in cleansing stagnant energy and stimulate the natural flow of energy through your Third Eye Chakra when held in the…

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Ground and Protect Orgonite Pyramid


    Ground and Protect Shungite Orgonite Pyramid The is a powerful orgone pyramid crafted with Black Kyanite, Shungite,  layers of bronze, brass, copper, iron and cast iron. In the middle are pieces of Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz, Selenite and Epidote. In the center of the pyramid are pieces of…

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Ground and Protect Orgone Pyramid


Orgone Energy Generator Ground and Protect Orgonite Pyramid The  is an Orgone pyramid is created to protect your environment converting negative energy and and harmful EMFs. This special Orgonite pyramid has smoky quartz tip embedded at its point and floating above a crystal grid of red jasper and shungite. A layer of brass covers a base…

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