Copper Vortex Orgone Pyramid


    The Copper Vortex Orgone Pyramid The is a very highly energized orgone pyramid with a copper spiral energy vortex creator at the apex of the pyramid. The creators of this pyramid have stated that: “It directs the orgone energy 360 degrees in geometrically symmetrical patterns.” The pyramid is…

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Best Orgone Pyramids – Violet Flame Energy Balance Crystal Pyramid

    Violet Flame Energy Balance Crystal Orgone Pyramid The is an energy balancing tool that is intended to “transmute” energies to balanced and positive energy. This is a tool intended for an immediate area and to assist in practical work such as meditation practice. This beautiful pyramid is created…

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Reiki Healing Orgone Pyramid

    The Reiki Healing Orgone Pyramid The by ArboreaCrystals Orgonite is made by a Reiki practitioner and this pyramid has been created with Reiki healing as its prime inspiration and consideration. About Reiki   Reiki is a system of natural energy healing that originated in Japan with a Japanese doctor…

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