Ground and Protect Orgonite Pyramid


    Ground and Protect Shungite Orgonite Pyramid The is a powerful orgone pyramid crafted with Black Kyanite, Shungite,  layers of bronze, brass, copper, iron and cast iron. In the middle are pieces of Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz, Selenite and Epidote. In the center of the pyramid are pieces of…

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Amethyst Orgone Pyramid

      Amethyst Crystal Point Orgone Pyramid The is an Orgone energy pyramid that has an amethyst crystal point that floats above a bed clear quartz, rose quartz and pink tourmaline. The Amethyst  Orgone Pyramid has been created to bring energies of peace, love, and healing into its near…

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Manifestation Orgone Pyramid

    Manifestation Orgone Pyramid The is an Orgonite Pyramid created to enable your manifestation abilities to expand by magnifying your creative intentions.  A fine, clear quartz point floats at the apex of this pyramid which acts to concentrate the energy that passes through this pyramid and that will act…

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